петък, юни 13, 2014

Unseen and unsaid

Your face is sunshine on a cloudy day,
to me your smile's a blooming rose in May.
To see your gaze, I look up at the sky,
where carelessly the birds above me fly.
Their songs remind me of your voice, my dear,
the only sound most precious to my ear.
In summer nights I feel your warm embrace...
If only could my love for you retrace
and find you, and then send a sign to me,
for there's no other place I'd wanna be.
Despite the distance keeping us apart,
a thousand miles is one beat of my heart.
It feels like dying when you're nowhere near.
No bird song for a second can I hear;
no air can reach my lungs; no light - my eye.
Whenever we're together, hours fly...
Then only I wish that the time would stop,
I'd look at you until my eyelids drop...
And now again I'm lonely without you.
Last night I went out for a drink or two,
to drown my pain... In my glass did I see
your image, your eyes looking up at me.
I jumped and ran out. Heaven only knew
I'd spend another night in dreams of you...