петък, февруари 02, 2018

(Източно)Европей, сърце!

There's not discrimination over EU citizens over Brexit, is what they say... Yeah, right! Evidence from a real-life court: "The person suspected of doing this and that was of x ' y " height, this and that build, this and that hair colour, EASTERN EUROPEAN"... WTF?!... How the heck could they tell, did he have a label on top? If I say I was bothered by a "big fat lying b***ard that looked like a criminal", how would that be regarded?
The question is: 1. How can anyone be certain somebody's definitely "Eastern European" when the physical characteristics of the people from this part of Europe are no different from all (or at least the large majority of) other Europeans (or at least in most cases it's not really obvious to the eye whether someone's from Scandinavia or the Mediterranean zone)? and 2. Why would that lead anybody (more than one person in this particular case) to jump to conclusions about the sort of illicit activities the person in question is (supposedly) engaged in?
One thing I'd like to put really clearly is - it's not a matter of anyone's guilt or innocence, but about facts or evidence that ought to be put objectively and not subjectively. Even when it comes to describing someone's physical appearance - there's no "tall/short", "thin/fat", "pretty/ugly" - everything should only be illustrated in real-life measure units, even the hair/eyes/skin colours that could be described in different terms varying from the observer's view-point. Saying "That guy looked like a Pole/Romanian/Lithuanian" (or "Chinese/Vietnamese/Phillippino", for that matter), basing one's views on cliches from the Daily Mail is not only subjective and nonsensical, but could well be regarded as discrimination and I think it should be.

На Бг:
Нямало било дискриминация спрямо европейците покрай Брекзит - да бе, няма! Показания от реално съществуващо съдилище - съдят човечец, заподозрян в нещо си. Точно трима свидетели - при това доста обвързани помежду си, а не "независими", както всъщност би трябвало - са описали човечеца като "мъж висок Хсм, слаб, с тъмна коса, ИЗТОЧНОЕВРОПЕЕЦ".... И как пък го познаха че е източноевропеец? Да не му го пише на челото случайно?... Само за протокола, по нищо не му личеше какъв е (бял мъж с тъмна коса и очи, среден ръст и слабо телосложение са характеристики, които имат стотици хиляди хора по света, и те далеч не се ограничават до коренното население на източноевропейския регион!). Ако обаче "свидетелите" бяха рекли че човекът е "от близкия изток" (например), всичко живо щеше да писне, че има расизъм.... Айде не на мен тия!... та тьй - такива ми ти "източноевропейски" истории.