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This is probably not the most cheerful pre-festive post to publish, but on the other hand it's exactly now, amidst all the Christmas shopping, preparations and spending ridiculous amounts of money we don't have on stuff we don't need to impress people we don't even like that it's probably best to remind ourselves of what the true meaning of Christmas is all about (friendship, harmony, love, peace, kindness, compassion, right?... Or that's not the case anymore?).
The situation for our friend Claudia Karl is still far from perfect and there's still enough time for most of us to try and help at least a little, as much as possible, as this case is clearly unjust and obviously political.
I saw the "problematic" post that led to the ridiculous charge against Claudia and I can absolutely confirm there's nothing even remotely resembling a threatening, menacing, obscene or in any other way unacceptable about that statement. First of all, bearing in mind Mrs Karl isn't a native speaker of English, there's a linguistic ambiguity about the sentence that should not be neglected. The way I see it, the way I regard it, the message clearly suggested the recipient (who by the way might happen to be anybody, as the Prime minister clearly isn't the only person by the name "Boris") would take forever to deport anyone ("before you deport me, you'd be dead" = "it would take you an eternity" and certainly doesn't strike me as a "threatening message"). Let's not forget not all of us are native speakers of English and I don't think that's a reason for anyone to jump onto hasty conclusions.
That being said, even if we are to assume or suggest that the post recipient is indeed the Prime minister (which I very much doubt), in light of the fact Mr Johnson himself was not so long ago making open references about "dying in a ditch", in my humble opinion suggesting (hypothetically) to "get that sorted" and regarding a statement of the sort as an open threat seems laughable, to say the very least.
Considering Brexit preparations are now in full swing and there have been numerous implications about "illegal immigrants" potentially getting deported (not one or two of those having been made by the Prime minister himself) it's a small wonder a lot of people have been triggered by a mere mention of deportation, especially anyone whose family and friends have in the past been the target of numerous xenophobic attacks that have sadly led to a mere "No further action".
Anybody who's had an even superficial look at our friend's FB posts and comments can confirm 1000% Claudia's never ever posted anything even remotely resembling a threat to anybody, even if they're the lowest of the low. She respects people and knows the price of human life, having been on the receiving end of quite a few threats and xenophobic attacks herself, as well as her family. All of Mrs Karl's posts and comments have always been humorous, funny, witty, sarcastic, sometimes a touch "rude" (despite still quite polite and delicate compared to quite a few statements made by acting politicians, including the Prime minister in particular), but never hostile.
I've never ever doubted any of Claudia's messages could even remotely had the potential of being threatening or menacing, as any of the great number of people reading all of her posts (and having a good laugh at them) would confirm.
That, among other things, should in my opinion be enough of a reason for the CPS to, if not withdraw the charge against Mrs Karl, then at least consider her post as a joking or light-hearted statement, perhaps with a certain lack of judgement, but by no means threatening or anything of the sort. There is, in my humble opinion, quite a significant number of grave problems going on in the country to spend state funding and taxpayers' money on social media posts.
And last but not least - how come Nigel Farage's knife comments were left with no further action taken, to mention one sole example? I would like to suggest the Crown Prosecution Service has demonstrated a double standard against British residents, but of course I'm not doing that. But I can't help thinking it.

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